Safety Manager

The role of the Safety Manager is to implement the P Agnes Safety Program and Policies to maintain a healthy, safe, and accident free work environment for everyone.

The Safety Manager is the on-site authority tasked with interpretations and ensuring compliance with all company safety policies. They must have the communicative skills to work with P. Agnes Field Supervision, employees, and subcontractors to minimize disruption while correcting safety issues. The Safety Manager will report to, and be given the full support of the Director of Field Operations (DFO). They should feel free to defer issues they are unable to resolve, and be able to judge which issues warrant reporting to the DFO.

Position Duties and Responsibilities: 
  • Assist in the development, review, implication, and updating of site specific and company safety programs and policies
  • Perform on-site safety inspections and assessments of all construction activities and site conditions
  • Help establish, review, and implement Infectious Control Plans with the facilities
  • Identify and address safety violations with verbal and written warnings as warranted, and verify corrective actions are taken
  • Complete Safety Orientation for new individuals on site
  • Perform specific task risk analysis and assist in the development of plans to facilitate tasks
  • Review and consult on the set-up, maintenance, and revisions to site safety temporary accommodations, equipment, signage and postings
  • Verify P. Agnes and subcontractors’ compliance with safety policies and requirements including, but not limited to tool box safety talks, safety plans, lift plans, SDS, and PPE
  • Complete accident and incident reports and investigations
  • Verify adequate training of the responsible individuals for tasks they are performing or supervising
  • Accompany OSHA on-site inspections when possible, and act as liaison with OSHA on projects assigned to Safety Manager
  • Participate in job meetings, as necessary
  • Maintain records of all safety inspections, reports, and training performed
  • Assist in the safety education and training of P. Agnes team
  • Serve on internal Safety Committee
  • Provide input on safety considerations at Bid and Preconstruction phases of projects
  • Maintain necessary personal safety certifications and training
  • Assist in ensuring compliance with requirements of insurance providers
  • Keep up to date on safety regulations, practices, and new safety technologies
  • Be willing to explore and learn the latest technology to improve on efficiency of their work

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