Thomas Jefferson University Gibbon Building Kitchen Renovation

As part of Thomas Jefferson University’s new Jeff Fresh initiative, this project featured renovations to the existing room service kitchen located on the second floor of the Gibbon Building. The space is utilized by kitchen staff to prepare meals that are delivered to patients in their rooms, and has been in continuous operation for over 5 years.

Completed over four major phases, the scope of work consisted of replacing all of the finishes, HVAC, electrical, and food service equipment. The work also involved the construction of a temporary trayline in the hospital atrium and the installation of a new grease duct system throughout the kitchen and up to a new exhaust fan on the roof.

The hospital remained open and occupied throughout construction. To avoid disruptions, the new air handler and grease duct were installed from the exterior of the building utilizing an elaborate scaffold system.

Location: Philadelphia, PA   Architect: Beacon 

Size: 6,000 square feet   Completion: September 2023