Location: Philadelphia, PA

Architect: Atkin Olshin Shade

Square Footage: 9,795

Completion Date: June 2018


Drexel University – Fox Historical Costume Collection

The Westphal College at Drexel University owns a priceless collection of clothing (costumes) from previous centuries. They had minimal storage and showing locations. This project provided the Costume Collection with almost 60% more storage capacity, a classroom/study location, and most importantly, a gallery to put selected costumes on display in a museum-like showroom.

A large portion of the project, besides building the redesigned spaces, was the HVAC system, which was self-contained, and required a complex conditioning system to keep the costumes preserved in the space, complete with humidfying, dehumidifying, local VAV’s, redundant AHU’s inside the space, a new drycooler, and new chilled water loop.