Drexel University

Edmund Ross Commons

This project featured the transformation of a historic mansion into a student center. Built in 1888, the limestone mansion sits on the corner of 34th Street and Powelton Avenue, and has been named one of the great houses in Philadelphia’s historic Powelton Village neighborhood. The mansion was purchased in 1928 by Drexel University.

The new multi-story student study center consists of restrooms, an elevator, two kitchens, one coffee/café area, and a new exterior patio to match the existing stone façade of the building. An office is also housed on the second floor for Drexel University’s Dining Services. The third floor houses the academic advising unit of the Hospitality Studies program along with two study/meeting rooms and an office for Student Union Operations. The fourth floor houses a boardroom style meeting room.

Location: Philadelphia, PA  Size: 18,000 square feet

Architect: Voith & MacTavish  Completion: 2003