Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital

Ambulette, AMBI, and Core Pavilion

Ambulette Parking Addition
This portion of the project consisted of constructing a parking lot on the backside of the existing hospital for ambulance parking and access to the building outside of the emergency entrance on the frontside of the building.

AMBI Building Expansion
For this portion, we constructed an elevated first floor infill addition along with renovations to the existing first floor for a proposed 21 bed private observation unit. This addition will be constructed over the existing ambulance entrance and parking bays. Constructing of a new three-story stairwell on the north side of the AMBI building. Reconstruction of the existing emergency department entrance. Extensive site work including lowering Little Albany Street to accommodate the proposed grade changes for the ambulance entrance and parking lot along with a new concrete stairwell with retaining walls to accommodate the proposed ED entrance.

Core Pavillion Expansion
This portion featured the construction of a one story, 21,500 square foot vertical expansion (3rd floor) including a 24 bed ICU unit along with the reconstruction of the existing elevators and stairwells including their shafts passage ways. The work also featured the construction of a new trauma elevator and shaft within the existing fresh air inlet shaft was required. Added later on in the project, we constructed a bridge between an existing building and the core project connected via the trauma elevator.


Location: New Brunswick, NJ  Architect: Array Architects

Size: 43,500 square feet Completion: February 2019