P. Agnes recently completed the first phase for the Riddle Hospital Birthing Center renovation project.  For this project, we are renovating the Birthing Center’s interior to allow for workflow improvements and aesthetic upgrades to the space. This includes improvements and renovations to the staff lounge, NICU laundry, patient rooms, parent sleep rooms and administrative offices.
This milestone marked the completion of the first of five phases, which are designed to allow the center to remain fully operational throughout the duration of the project. P. Agnes is upgrading electrical & mechanical infrastructure, making architectural improvements, and sectioning off the construction work from the general population using ICRA walls and barriers throughout the space – all while keeping the facility open for patients to give birth.
The second phase of this project is underway, with the entirety of the project scheduled to complete by April of 2020. The architect on this project is CallisonRTKL.