The historic McCosh 50 auditorium, located in McCosh Hall at Princeton University, still exhibits much of the architecture from the original building design which was constructed in 1907. The space seats 445 in the audience and is used heavily for a wide range of activities from undergraduate classes to lectures from renowned guests. Due to the age of the building, McCosh 50 needed an upgrade to improve the visual, acoustical, and environmental conditions of the space. The renovation upgraded the auditorium, while preserving its historic character and design.  

The scope of the project included restoring the floor conditions, acoustic renovations/upgrades, new seating, HVAC upgrades, and infrastructure of a state-of-the-art audio-visual system. In order to successfully complete the project and not disrupt the academic year, construction work occurred in two phases during the summer months of 2019 and 2020. Last summer, the first phase focused on lighting, HVAC, and acoustics with an innovative ceiling design.

Construction for the second phase of the project began ahead of schedule in May 2020 because the campus was shut down due to the pandemic. This phase focused on flooring, seating, and full AV upgrade including a 20’ Absen video wall and enhanced audio system.

These renovations were completed in September 2020 and now McCosh 50 is able to continue its legacy as a space for education and learning.

Photos by John McBay – Perfect Exposure Imaging