On September 11, GBCA held its first annual Safety Awards Reception at Yards Brewing Company. At this reception, P. Agnes was honored as a recipient of three GBCA Project Safety Awards. P. Agnes is proud to have been among the GBCA members who were honored!

The projects that received awards were the recently-completed United States Cold Storage headquarters in Camden, NJ, the Drexel University Korman Center Re-roof and facade renovation in Philadelphia, PA, and the Mastery Charter School’s Rafael Molina Elementary School, also in Camden, NJ.
“Our experience on these projects absolutely reinforced the importance of our current safety practices,” said P. Agnes Safety Manager Joe Jeffries, recapping the event. “Specifically, the vital role that communication plays when balancing what the owner wants with what the jobs calls for. Knowing is half the battle, so frequent and clear communication is essential from not only a production standpoint, but a safety one as well.”