LEAN Approach

Our uniquely sophisticated approach to reducing waste and increasing project efficiencies is one of our key differentiators as an organization.

It is our belief that through enhanced collaboration with the entire project team and a focus on continuous process improvement, we can take the neccesary steps toward the elimination of non-value-added tasks and the preventable costs that often come with them.

Pull planning is a component of the Last Planner System and LEAN Construction, and is used for planning and tracking progress on the project. Once milestones are established, the Superintendents and Foremen, who are ultimately responsible for completing the work, collaborate and determine the tasks necessary to achieve each goal. Unlike a typical approach, the project work flow is established in reverse (from finish to start) so that each step necessary for completion is clearly understood.

The Pull Planning system is based on promises and commitments by the trade partners to complete the planned work in the time frame agreed to. The process results in predictable work flow, minimal re-work, and a higher level of productivity and safety due to cooperation in the field.

P. Agnes was an early adopter of these practices in our industry, and we have been applying a LEAN Approach and the techniques associated with it to almost all of our construction projects, establishing ourselves as leaders in construction innovation.